You Can Never Have Too Much Toilet Paper….Or Can You?

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A Bavarian town finally gets through a 12-year stockpile of toilet paper

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In Fuchsal, Germany, a small town near Munich, town employees accidentally ordered a 12 years’ supply worth of toilet paper back in 2006.  After they received the first truckload of paper, this town of 4,000 residents realized their mistake and canceled the second truck.  However, they were stuck with a truck load of paper and faced several challenges.  For starters, they had a hard time finding places to store it.  A search committee was formed to locate closets in each school, town hall and fire station to tuck the rolls of paper.  They also had a hard time getting rid of it, because it was gray and single ply.  Town employees started to bring their own toilet paper from home!  However, in 2019, they finally used up their last roll.

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They are ready to place another bulk order of toilet paper, but this time, it will be 2-ply, white, and not arrive all at once.  Read the whole story here:

This would have never happened if they had ordered from Milhench Supply Company!  We deliver what you need, when you need it.  We will make sure that we deliver good quality products that you expect, whether it be 2-ply tissue,  trash liners or safety products.  And our Customer Service team keeps an eye on every detail of your order.  They know you and your account and would never let you order a 12 years’ supply of anything.

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Heike & Mark Milhench at Milhench Supply’s 2007 Oktoberfest

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