Reducing Infections in Child Care Centers

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My 5-year-old daughter can’t wait to go to her Pre-K class every weekday morning. She is learning her letters, brings books for reading each day, has fun playing with the other kids and is well taken care of by her teachers. But she is exposed to a lot of germs which increases her chances of getting sick, and of bringing her illness home to the rest of us.

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Children attending child care centers have an increased risk of infections. Researchers in Spain recently investigated this public health issue by conducting a study to examine the effectiveness of hand hygiene programs in schools and child care programs that include alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

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The researchers found that using alcohol-based hand sanitizer achieved the following significant results:

  • Approximately a 30% reduction in antibiotic prescriptions,
  • Approximately a 23% reduction in respiratory infections, and
  • A lower number of days absent due to respiratory infections.

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The authors concluded hand sanitizer and educational measures for child care center staff, parents, and children reduce absenteeism, respiratory infections, and antibiotic prescriptions. You can read the full study from Pediatrics.

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