Mark Milhench: The Count of Milhench Supply

Anyone who knows Mark Milhench will share that he is an honest and ethical man. To remain a family owned and operated business for 85 years, one has to be committed to integrity or the business won’t thrive.

In line with this, from time to time Mark becomes “The Count” and enlists the help of his daughters (Generation 4) in “The Lab” to make sure competitive products are being offered equitably.

Apples to Apples?


The process is simple, and some might say comical. But it’s serious business to ensure that Milhench Supply’s customers are getting a fair deal. Mark simply counts how many sheets are on a roll of toilet tissue, how many feet are on a roll of hand towels, or how many trash bags are in a case.

Why? The industry, unfortunately, sees “cheater” products with regularity. These can range widely, from rolls of toilet tissue that are significantly shorter than advertised, or trash bags that are dramatically thinner than the label on the box would suggest.

The process becomes a family exercise when the girls jump in to help in “The Lab”. An otherwise boring event brings laughs, and the girls can tell you exactly how many feet the Milhench home is from the back of the dining room to the far side of the living room!

The process isn’t limited to competitive products either. When Milhench considers bringing in a new line of products, these offerings go through “The Lab” as well. Before anything gets the official stamp of approval, it needs to pass the test.

Why do we share this?  Because we want you to know how seriously we take honesty. Milhench Supply has been servicing businesses throughout Southeastern New England with janitorial, paper, packaging, and cleaning supplies for over 85 years.  The business is 100% family owned, and the family is a proud member of the Southcoast and Boston communities.

Mark and the girls are happy to be the gatekeepers of product accuracy, making certain that any offer you get from Milhench Supply passes muster. You’re too busy to count your trash bags, but we’re not. And after all, you should get what you paid for!

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