2018 Milhench Supply Vendor Of The Year Award

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On Tuesday, April 23, Milhench Supply hosted yet another Vendor Representative of the Year Award ceremony and dinner.  It has become an annual tradition.  We value all of our relationships, customers, employees, our community, and our vendors.  Without them, we could not serve our customers as well as we do.  Therefore recognizing the best of our vendor reps has become an important annual event.

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This year the winner of the Vendor Rep of the Year award for Janitorial Supplies was Jim Ward of Callico.  The winner of the Packaging Supplies Vendor Rep of the Year was Alan Robbins of Romanow Container.  They were both recognized for being trustworthy, loyal, responsive, great with customers and valued for their product knowledge.  They were each presented with a silver tray at a dinner event at Papa Razzi in Wellesley.  Attending were the entire Milhench Supply Sales force, the winners and their wives, as well as Mark and Allyn Callahan, the principles of Callico in Taunton, and Ted Romanow, proprietor of Romanow Container in Westwood. 

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A good time was had by all as we celebrated with two distinguished local, family owned and managed business, like ourselves.

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